Monday, May 11, 2009

Game Center in Pia Do Mall

Pia Do Mall in Hachinohe is a 30- 40 minute drive from Misawa

Game Center in Pia Do Mall


Video Game- Mario Kart

Video Games (Pokeball chips and I don't know the rest hehehe)


The following are the different kinds of claw vending machines inside the game center

Claw Vending Machine- Frozen Food (Strawberries, ice cream, candies)

In Japan, video arcade is known as game center which is very popular here. You can find small game center even in supermarkets in Misawa such as Yokomachi and Super City Asahi.

The claw vending machine is popularly known to Japanese as the "UFO Catcher" because of its claws that look like UFO.

I bet you will browse back to above pictures to check the claws of each vending machine hehehe.


bertN said...

Hindi na ba uso ang Pachinko duon?

Reena said...

naku, parang stressful yung vending machine for frozen food. eh panu kung gutom na ako? i can't eat one? hehehe

Garando said...

I find the game centers in Japan fascinating! Nahihiya lang ako maglaro kase sabi ni Garandee mukha daw talaga akong otaku eh. :D

Missy said...

bertN- they still have a lot of Pachinko Parlor here and I would feature that too in the future. I haven't enough good shots yet :-)

Reena- I know I put 100 yen I didn't get anything, magugutom ka talaga pag di ka marunong so I ended up going to a ice cream vending machine only 120 yen :-)

Garando- hahaha, do you really look like otaku?? I only tried the claw machine but I get frustrated, I spent 1,000yen ~$10 without getting anything, but it's fun to play

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Oh Missy!! You always have the coolest things posted at your place. Geez, I'd even play at that arcade and I love seeing that vending machine of frozen foods. Much different from ones here in the States.
Are you ready for "Friday Shoot-Out's" this week. I am 'almost' ready, lol.
Take good care and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Joy said...

I love the way you show me slices of life in Japan. I look forward to visiting it soon!

Thank you for your patience and for bearing with the technical problems on the website. Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow for more of the Keukenhof series!

A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

Missy said...

Reggie Girl and Joy- thanks for dropping my site and you enjoyed reading this post :-)