Thursday, April 30, 2009

Friday Shootout- Architecture (Misawa Train Park)

Today's shootout is "Architecture" assigned by Jen. This is my first time to take detailed architectural photos, and I don't know if some of these are not considered architecture :-) just bear with me, I'm still amateur in photography hehehe.

I went to "Train Park" yesterday close to Misawa Air Base where I saw a lot of pink lanterns hanging around the park which signify the "cherry blossom blooming" in Misawa. I took all of my shots here for this Friday Shootout at the same time enjoying the warm weather but .....ohhhh it's so sad to see that the cherry blossom (sakura) are started to fall off from the trees.

Pink Lantern


Brick Building along the side of the park

Another view of the brick building, the white spots are the cherry blossom, falling off from the trees

Playground maze


Wood Cross section

Big Clock

Bolt of a swing

See Saw

Lamp Post

Shed without a shade, check the shadow :-)

somewhere in the park

Festival Lantern Post (?)

a knot

The train park

Note: My next post probably the continuation of my architectural photos taken in Tokyo during our vacation last February.


Butler and Bagman said...

You should be awarded the most original view of a seesaw award! There is such a strong sense of geometry and perspective that runs throughout these shots. The train wheels with their strong pink angled driving rod! I really really like this whole series -- The series holds together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Euclid in vivid color.

Abe Lincoln said...

I wonder if you noticed the "landscape" scene in the "tree trunk?"

Reena said...

ang lalim naman nung sinmabi nung una mong commentor. hehehe...kaka-pressure! :)

i like the playground maze. it's very colorful. nice job for your first architectural series.

GingerV said...

This was just wonderful, you have a very good eye for the detail - i love the perspective shot in the train park with the pink lanterns and the remaining cherry blossoms.

Patty said...

Well, you sure did a great job. I love everything you shot. You picked a nice variety of things, too, and it was fun looking at them.

That seesaw shot is awesome.

Abe is right about the tree. Looks like a little city is just beyond that little hill of trees in the tree shape.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Missy, not sure myself about the architecture theme in your photos, but who cares. You certainly have come up with the fabulous photos, showing that you have a real eye for detail. I just love the see saw photo too and my all time favorite is the pink lantern at the start of your post! Great photography being shown here, I enjoyed it very much. Debby

Jen said...

These are absolutely fantastic. All of these photos are excellent. You have such a great eye.



Kelly said...

I really like the trainwheels! That's a great shot!

J9 said...

My favorite shot is of the train wheels, we do not often get that view, or think this picture when we think train, so it was a happy surprise!

Missy said...

butler and bagman- thanks for the nice comments, very inspiring. I will grab that see saw award if there is hahaha.

Abe- I didn't notice the landscape from the tree trunk until you mentioned it. You have a sharp eyes to see that we can't see. You should join us in our Friday shootout too

Reena- thanks for your comment, I know ang lalim di ko nga naintindihan masyado hahaha but of course it's really a constructive comment though hahaha

GingerV- thanks you like the trainwheels, I like it too I didn't know that I will come up with that such nice angle shot of the wheels

Patty- thanks for your comments really inspiring, and I didn't know that everybody likes the see saw shot hahaha, and I just found out there is really somethin in that tree trunk a small landscape :-)

Debby- thanks you like the pink lantern and the see saw, I like both of them too, the lantern is colorful and pretty nice

Jen- thanks for this shootout theme, "architecture" it really inspired me a lot to take detailed photos. You rock LOL

Kelly- thanks for dropping by, I have to take that train wheels a shot for my souvenir too

J9- thanks I like the train wheels too, that's my souvenir for the train parked in the park hahaha

Jacob said...

You're one hell of an amateur! Great photos and great eye. You don't need to take a backseat to anyone!

Thanks very much for stopping by The Villages Daily Photo!

Jen said...

Missy - I think your photos are in the top three "best of shoot outs" for this week. You really set the bar high here.

I love them, each photo is exquisite.

gigi said...

Well those train wheels are sure sharp. Love the see saw too. Good job for your first time. Keep it up see ya next week in the gardens.

magiceye said...

absolutely brilliant images! excellent perspecive and composition in each of them! lovely!

Gordon said...

What a great introspective view. We should all be more aware of the little thing around us that mean so much. I loved it. Gordon

Lei said...

MA! wow! ang galing mo na po kumuha ng mga pictures!!! :]

i LOVEEEE these photos! they are very wonderful with beautiful views! :D

keep up the good work!!

sana may time rin po ako for photography hehehe

the train park is PRETTY pala! =]


cpsanti said...

those are very interesting shots ;-) they show an alternative view of things. cool! ;-)

Ely said...

i like "the knot"!

Missy said...

Jacob- thanks for your comment :-)

Jen- wohoo top three? that's cool hahaha thanks you like my photos :-)

gigi- thanks, I didn't know that my photo with the see saw would mean a lot to anyone :-) I hope I can find a garden here LOL

magiceye- thanks for stopping by

gordon- thanks you like my photos, it just so happened that I can find nice architectural buildings here and ended up in the park :-)

lei- thanks and keep on blogging :-)

cpsanti- thanks much that you like my shots

Ely- thanks for visiting ang liking my "knot" shot, it's really huge knot hahaha

GigiSxm said...

Awesome pictures, love your take on the theme

Garando said...

Fantastic photos! Your photography has improved a lot! Galeng! ;)
And like everybody said, the seesaw shot definitely takes the cake!