Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rice Fields in Spring

It's spring now!!! Let's take a look at our front yard :-) ....the rice field!

Spring (April 2009)- plowing of rice fields in front of our house

I think I have to wait for the "planting of rice"

Let's compare the 4 seasons in Misawa using the rice fields as the subject :-)

Summer of 2008, it was the end of July when we moved in our new house and saw the rice field!! I was so excited and grabbed my compact camera and took this shot.

Summer- rice were planted

Fall- sowing; after a week I took this shot again; the tractor (whatever they call that) is separating the rice from the hay and transferring the rice to the other tractor.

Fall (Oct 2008)- hay stacks

Winter- rice fields covered with snow

One of the yellow houses is our house and you can see the distance of our house to rice field :-) the one lane street separates us from the rice fields.


Lei said...

hi mama (: happy anniversary to you & papa today! ^__^; congratulations po!! :)

i like the pictures of the rice fields throughout the different seasons! :) it made me realize we've been living in misawa for ALMOST four-complete-seasons!! time flies by, huh?! *;]

i love the rice fields in the summer though... the green color is so appealing to the eyes, while in winter... the snow is the most delicate item in the photograph!

great shots! :]

i love you po!!!

Patty said...

Love it. Just love it. I remember when I was in Southeast Asia, I saw the people and oxen working the rice fields. I know they wished they would have had tractors.

You captured everything beautifully!

GingerV said...

I love the time lapse - the photos are great.

HalfCrazy said...

Whoa, very cool, glad that you took photos of what the rice field looks like every season, great idea! Awesome photos too!

Everything looks dead during Winter!

bertN said...

Do they use machine now when planting the rice? I'm envious of the view from your house.

Jacob said...

What a fascinating series of shots! And what a beautiful area! Thanks for stopping by Ocala DP!

Reena said...

wow ang ganda nung seasons! :) i haven't seen snow yet. kasi when we went to the states, hindi pa winter. snow capped mountain lang nakita ko. huhuhu...uwi moko ng snow ha. :)

hensly said...

Wow! I liked the pictures of the different seasons in Japan. As you know, you just don't see seasons in Hawaii.

Joy said...

I loved the photos! I saw the changes from season to season. Thanks for sharing this.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

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Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Dearest Missy,
Your 4 seasons photos can replace the four seasons I got back home. This is more original..! Thanks for showing us where you live and how wonderful it looks like in 4 different seasons.

And if Lei is your daughter and she's congratulating your anniversary, please accept my heartfelt congratulations too..!
I always find it so heartwarming whenever I heard couple celebrating their anniversaries. Have a happy celebration and please give my regards to your family.

Ate Loida

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

You've outdone yourself here Missy!! Beautiful job dear girl :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Garando said...

I love this post! You captured all four seasons, resulting to some fantastic photos.

Saw your photos over at Lei's blog. Happy Anniversary!! Congratulations, you're in a family of bloggers pala! GALENG! ;)

Missy said...

Lei- thanks and I love you!

Patty- same with the Philippines, they still use "carabao" or the water buffalo instead of tractors to plow the soil.

GingerV- thanks you like the 4 seasons' shots

halfcrazy- yes no more rice during winter, the snow is like our light during night time :-)

bertN- I'm also waiting to see if they also use machine when planting rice. I will post it here during the planting of rice

Jacob- thanks for dropping by too

Reena- sure I will bring snow when I visit Philippines or just shave ice they look snow na rin hahaha

hensly- it's my first time to live in a place that has a perfect 4 seasons, first time to live with snow too

Joy- thanks you like my post :-)

Ate Loida- thanks for the greeting, yes she's my daughter :-) and we're happily married for 16 yrs now.

Reggie- thanks for the wonderful comment

Garando- thanks for the greeting, oh you sneaked at Lei's blog huh shhhhhh. My husband doesn't blog, he's not in to it hahaha. He's lazy to do this kind of thing LOL. My daughter has lots of blogs, OMG hahaha.