Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Shootout- Food and Restaurants

Today I will only feature my 4 favorite restaurants here in Misawa. Most of my photos here were taken from my compact and my cellphone cam because I can't bring my big DSLR camera, I'm too shy to show off hahaha.

1. Viking Restaurant (All you can eat)

April 16 was our 16th wedding anniversary; my husband and I celebrated it with just a simple lunch in Viking restaurant, it's an "all you can eat buffet" for ¥ 1000 or $10 each, a total of only ¥2000 or $20 for our anniversary (remember we have global crisis, i don't want to spend too much hahaha). The first photo is the Viking Restaurant, it was crowded when we went here since it's lunch time. A lot of military servicemen go and lunch out here. We even had hard time finding a parking spot and so my shot wasn't that good enough too.

In front of Viking Restaurant

Yakiniku or grilled meat; we have to get our own meat and grill here; we also had miso soup and cold soba

Yakiniku beef and pork with onion and bell pepper on the side

Cooked grilled meat

My husband picked these- Fried oyster, chicken and gyoza

I picked these: Sushi- salmon, tuna and oyster with sweet corn :-)

2. Sapporo Ramen

Our favorite ramen restaurant is "Sapporo" although it doesn't show its name on their board, I have to ask my daughter the name of this restaurant. Last Wednesday my husband and I had our lunch here, for ¥ 1700 or $17 (2 miso ramen and 1 gyoza) we were full already. Most of the ramen restaurants here do not serve sodas, you have to buy your soda from the vending machines. They just serve water.

Here's the front view of Sapporo Ramen

Miso Ramen for ¥ 650 or $6.50

Gyoza for ¥400 or $4- I like their gyoza; the inside meat has a lot of ingredients in it that makes this delicious (oishi!)

3. Korakuen

This restaurant was newly built just last 2008; the name of the restaurant is in Japanese. My family had our lunch here today and my daughter even asked the name of this restaurant just for this shootout LOL; she can't understand kanji very well so she asked the cashier and we found out it's "Korakuen."

We ordered a set of miso ramen, gyoza and fried rice for ¥ 890 ~$9; 1 kid's meal and extra fried rice and pork w/ rice.

We spent ¥ 2141 today or ~$22 (4 people)

In front of Korakuen

Egg and pork with rice and seaweed or nori

fried rice

Kid's meal: shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, fried rice, orange juice and a token to get a free toy from their vending machine


4. Kappa Sushi

Kappa sushi is my favorite sushi bar; I had my previous post about this restaurant and that time we call this as "100 yen sushi bar" since we didn't know its name. One plate costs 100 yen. Since my husband was off this week so we ate our lunch here last Tuesday. We spent ¥ 1500+ or $15+ for our lunch.

I have to hide my camera here since they prohibited cameras inside.

Click this if you want to check out my previous post about this sushi restaurant.

Kappa Sushi

Tokkyu lane- mini train that serves your order fresh from the chef's kitchen

Seafood yuke- this is my favorite

Tako yaki- my kids love this; tako means octopus but it tastes like squid ball

shrimp tempura

squid- I haven't tried this yet

natto- rotten soy beans (yuck, ewwww hahaha); I haven't tried it yet and I will never try it. My daughter said it's stinky and slimy

I don't know the name of this but I will never try it too hahaha

Tiramisu for ¥ 150 or ~$1.50

Mochi- sweet rice with beans inside

, ** Next time I will feature more of Japanese food here in my blog, it will take up a lot of space now and it's hard to read if you have a long post :-)

Thanks for taking the time.


The Pink Bird House said...

YUMMY!! I am over here in Germany getting very hungry for some of the foods that you showed in today's post. :-) I think I would love to try the gyoza, I bet it is delicious!! This post must have taken a lot of time to put together with so many pictures and descriptions, so THANK YOU so much for sharing with us all. greetings, Debby

Jhay said...

Ditto on #3 and #4 !!! nice post Ate! your cell phone takes really good pictures!! unlike me, i bring my nikon everywhere even though i look like a big DORK hahah. (esp. when i'm taking pics of food!)

<3, Jhay

Rachel Cotterill said...

Fascinating! This is my first week in the shoot-out 'gang' and I'm loving all the different posts.

I used my mobile camera for today's post, too; I take my proper camera out with me a lot but usually not if I'm just going for a meal.

gigi said...

I might starve if I had to eat some of that too.

Your pictures are beautiful.

Reena said...

my friend and i are planning to have a japanese food trip soon. but alam mo naman dito sa pinas medyo commercialized yung food diba? i'm addicted to tofu akabeshi and maki!!!!

the food you featured are very enticing. though im not sure if i can handle raw food. it makes me sick kasi. hehehe

J9 said...

I agree natto sounds horrible! I prefer inari. And what sort of drinks do they serve inside the ramen restaurants?

GingerV said...

I vote for this - Seafood yuke - ad possibly te sweet rice with bean filling.

Okay so I Like sushi but only the 'normal' ones - the meat on the grill looks good too.

Patty said...

Gosh, I thought I had posted earlier, but I came back to get another look-see, and see that I forgot to post. What I thought I had written was that I love all the seafood dishes, being that I don't eat any other type of meat. I am a big fan of rice, rice, rice, and more rice, especially sticky rice.

That shrimp tempura looks divine and I love Tiramisu.

The thing that you said you would not eat looks pretty tasty. I would try it if it was seafood.

Rotten soybeans. Not even a veg-head would like those. I am a big eater of tofu, though.

You certainly presented the dishes perfectly. Excellent and yummy post.

I'll bet no one is having hot dogs tonight. We all got a taste of the good life on the food blogs today.

I think I am up for oriental food tonight.

Patty said...

Wait. You took those with a cell phone?! Girl, I did not know Nikon made cell phones. Hehe.

That makes your photos even better. What kind of cell phone do you have?

Gordon said...

I should eat more healthy food like that. My Japanese room-mate in college prepared may dishes that I thought would be horrible. I grew to love them, especially anything with squid in it.
Great job! I'll try any and all of it. Gordon

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, I'm sure meron rin dito sa Pilipinas. Yung you choose and you sort of cook rin LOL. Pero it's a good thing na dyan sa Viking Restaurant, you choose and you cook, affordable pa!

Oh and a Happy Anniversary to you too! Tagal nyo nang nagsasama!

Korakuen has a beautiful facade! So Japanese Minimalist!

Buti naman at nakanakaw ka ng mga kuha LOL. I saw a picture of Natto in Garando's blog and it looks so slimy, not to mention stinky, like your daughter says! Di rin ako mapipilit na kumain nun LOL.

Really great presentation!

GigiSxm said...

great pictures, now i want some Gyoza and fried rice

syel said...

yesterday i was hungry after visiting ayra's blog and now here on your blog! i am a fan of japanese food most especially sashimi and sushi. i had never tried squid because there's none here yata but i did try natto. hehehe!

btw, i am not a member of any photographer's club here in Sg. i might not pass as a member. :D

Missy said...

Debby- I bet you will like gyoza, it's like chinese dumpling, thanks for dropping by

Jhay- I'm trying to get use of bringing my big camera too but sometimes I just bring my compact one or just my cellphone cam; thanks for dropping by

Rachel- thanks for dropping by, so we do the same thing, bringing mobile cam when it's a meal hahaha

gigi- thanks for dropping by

Reena- I haven't tried the tofu akabeshi yet and I eat maki too but not a lot I like sushi better hehehe. You should try and try to eat raw food :-)

J9- yes natto looks like horrible hahaha, they just serve water (not mineral) in the ramen restaurant and no tea

GingerV- yes the seafood yuke is good but they're also raw fish :-)

Patty- my cellphone is nokia N95 and it's not nikon hahaha sorry for the confusion. My dslr cam is nikon and the compact one is sony.
I love seafood too, I may try some of the sushi but not the squid and natto hehehe.

Gordon- thanks for dropping by, yes Japanese food are healthy you should try them all

halfcrazy- yes, there are lots of sushi restaurant in the Philippines you should try sushi, the raw fish, it's good. Thanks for the greeting, yes 16 yrs na kaming nabobolahan ng asawa ko hehehe

gigisxm- thanks for visiting my blog, yes try gyoza w/ fried rice

syel- good to know that you like sushi and sashimi, I like both too. I'm not brave enough yet to try natto. I will blog it if I tried eating natto hahaha

Joy said...

I love your post - all about food. Happy anniversary to you and husband!

I am so jealous that you get to enjoy Japanese food anytime you want. It's very expensive over here.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

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Dennis Villegas said...

Wow so many foods!

I love Yuke, from the picture it looks YUMMY!

I am not sure I will be able to eat some of them, especially the nato--reminds me of buro--how maggots make it more delicious.


Elaine Dale said...

There are many foods I won't even try because I don't like certain textures. So many of these dishes would fall into my "eeeewwwwww" category. Of course this makes me the big loser because I'm sure these are delicious dishes! Great shots for any camera - but from a phone - WOW!

Missy said...

Joy- thanks for the greeting :-) I know it's all Japanese food here hahaha

Dennis- the seafood yuke is delicious I bet you'll love it

Elaine- I bet you don't eat sushi then, some Japanese do not even eat sushi

Garando said...

Wow. This made me really miss eating in Japan. Pag nakita ni Garandee to maglalaway yun sigurado. :)

Anonymous said...

Could I ask where the Korakuen restaurant is located in Misawa? The food there looks delicious!