Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love your Blog Award

I received an "I love your blog" award from Garando of balut and natto which he especially created this with his avatar, yes that's him with his long hair :-) Garando's blog really makes me laugh every time I read the stories of himself and his Japanese wife; it's really indeed "two different cultures= ridiculous adventures" for them (as it says on his sub title).

I'm just new to the world of blogging and it's my first time to receive an award for my "travelog"blog and I want to share to all of you who have been visiting my blog. Also, I'm giving back this award to Garando, for thanking and appreciating him for the kind thought he did for me :-)

Garando of Balut and Natto
Ate Loida of 2L3Bs World
Patty of Crisfield Maryland
BertN's Travels then and Now
Norwich Daily Photo
Reggie Girl of Midlife, Menopause...
Reena's Thoughts
An Ardent Cosmic Journey by Halfcrazy

And this is the award that I'm giving you, sorry but I don't know yet how to create my own avatar, you don't have to blog about this award but this is how I thank all of you who have been frequently visiting my blog. Just share it if you feel like it and if you do have time :-)

When I received this award I was so excited and bought a lot of hello kitty cellphone straps for myself and I wish I could send them to you but I like all of them hahaha.

Actually, I just found myself fond of buying these every time we go to different places here in Japan, it's not for my collection but to send these back home as a gift and souvenir from here, "only in Japan."

It's kind of expensive if I buy bulk so I tried to buy one or 2 pcs in each store/place we visit. The cost of this cellphone strap is ¥ 525 each~ $5, some are ¥420- ~$4


HalfCrazy said...

Thanks for this award, again! :) aka congrats LOL.

Those Hello Kitty straps are cute! Lol, expensive indeed, edi bale mga 200 pesos yan dito. Dalawang Happy Meal na yun, ahaha!

Patty said...

Oh I love these. I love cute things, especially Hello Kitty. I have a Hello Kitty necklace, watch, and I am so small I can buy children's tops in the kiddie departments. I have several Hello Kitty tops.

I have a ton of awards to put up but have not found the time. Thanks a bunch for the award. I need to tend to them soon.

Garando said...

Thank you Missy! I'm really glad that you enjoyed my posts as much as I had fun sharing our stories.
This blog award will definitely be one of many that you will receive! Trust me! Your blog is awesome! ;)

Dennis Villegas said...

Congrats for a well-deserved award!

Joy said...

They are adorable! Can't blame you for wanting to keep them all to yourself.

Thanks so much for the award! How kind of you. :-)

Sorry if I haven't visited lately. I've been on the craziest holiday ever.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

A Pinay In EnglandYour Love CoachI, Woman

Missy said...

halfcrazy- yes those straps are expensive if I will give these as a gift or "pasalubong" to my relatives in Pnas hehehe

Patty- I should be collecting hello kitty stuff too then hahaha, not too old for sanrio huh?

Garando- thanks Garando, I hope I can still get more awards hahaha, I will collect them soon hahaha

Dennis- thanks Dennis and I gave you a Neno's award too from hulascoop

Joy- that's ok I haven't visited your online show for 3 weeks now, I always forget the new time slot :-)

hensly said...

Nice! I also bought one of those "Hello Kitty" straps in Japan as a souvenir (omiyage) for a friend in Hawaii. She would be one of those "Hello-Kitty" crazy people:)

Congratulations on your award!

Jen said...

Thank you for the sweet compliment! I think you take very nice photos. :) That was why I decided to follow your blog!
well, that and no one else ever remembered, or would admit to knowing much less liking, Totortro!

bertN said...

Thanks for including my blog! I really appreciate it. BTW, congratulations for an award well deserved.

Reena said...

thanks for the birthday greeting. i'll drop by again soon. tnx for the award.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hahaha I almost missed this one. I used to come to Hulascoop because I need to brighten up my day.. THANKS A LOT my dearest MISSY! You're really sweet. Take care always and have an enjoyable weekend.

Cares a lot,
Ate Loida

caryn said...

how fun! kitty-chan chains differ according to the place diba? ;-D