Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Shoot-Out- Japanese Engrish Signs Around Misawa

Ok, I will push the red button "after take my dishes"

Ohhh ok, no wasabi, this plate?

Don't worry I'll be careful about burns :-)

I will help myself to the water?? hmmm ok

You're wercome hehehe, frank you too for your good service :-)

1. It's hard to convert 50cm to inches?? Hmm maybe one or two fold is ok??
2. What the...the paper under the nozzle?? push?? ohhh push the paper under the nozzle...I got it!
3. Flush the paper down the WC?? What is WC? wohooo! I'm getting a headache, prrease herp!


I can't think of a subject for an "open assignment" for our Friday Shootout so I just checked some of my old photos and came up with these.... Japanese Engrish Signs.

I posted some of them here from my previous blogs, you can check those out by looking for "japanese signs" under labels.


Butler and Bagman said...

These are priceless. And a wonderful choice of a no-theme theme. I love it when I see signs like this. Of course, I sometimes wonder if bloggers in Spain and Mexico are doing the same thing with all the Elnglish/Spanish signs we have in America.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I LOVE this!!! These signs are hilarious and your comments regarding them are hysterical. I think you came up with a brilliant theme and you made me laugh to boot :)
Great job.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Missy said...

Butler and Bagman- I bet Spanish/Mexican are doing the same thing :-) or any Asians :-)

Reggie Girl- thanks, I always have my camera with me (most of the time my cellphone hahaha) every time we go somewhere to spot these Japanese signs. So I will have more in the future.

Gordon said...

Sometimes signs give a little too much information. I could probably do without the toilet paper info. Remonded me of being on an airplane. Thanks for the great post. I always go exploring the rest of your blog when I am here. Gordon

Jen said...

OMG - these are too cool! I was cracking up, I made my husband come over and look too.

Well done, very well done!

J9 said...

I always love reading weird translations, and I'm sure it is done when going from English to any other language! These are so funny, they had me laughting - Frank you!

GingerV said...

I love these signs, we get this type of thing also. on the menues here they always want to give me the english ones, but I say no give me Portuguese. Sometimes the translations are just too far off. ex. arugala - here is rucala - the aways translate to rockes - so you can ge a salad of rockets and tomatoes.

Patty said...

I was going to make a long comment, but let me sum this up in one word: Priceless.

I love open-subject themes. You never know what surprises await.

GigiSxm said...

lol! funny post

Joy said...

I love them! It makes English more interesting :)

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

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Reena said...

asan na yung awards ko? :)) san mo tinago? hehe. i miss you too..

i don't get the first photo. hehe...

Garando said...

Hehe. I always get very entertained by English translated signs in Japan. Can't remember if WC stands for Wash Closet. I know they use the same abbreviation in Europe eh.

cpsanti said...

hahaha! WC is the architectural term for water closet ;-) love love the signs we have in japan no?

Elaine Dale said...

These shots are such fun! And how smart of you to have a collection of them.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I misread 'burns' - I have blurry vision... you can work out what I saw! And I wondered what, precisely, they thought you would be doing with the tap......

Missy said...

gordon- thanks for exploring my blog, and I didn't even read the sign I just follow the pictures hehehe

Jen- thanks for calling your husband to read my blog hahaha

J9- frank you too for visitng my blog LOL

gingerV- you should post brazilian english tranlations too :-)

patty- thanks, sometimes it helps to come up with this post when you can't think of anything hahaha

gigixm and Joy- thanks you enjoyed my post

Reena- your award is in hulascoop; the "dishes" are your orders hehehe, so push the red button after getting your orders from the sushi bar

garando- oh thanks for helping me on the WC meaning, so it's a wash closet...oh I see

cpsanti- so it's a water closet and not wash closet? so what is water closet then? hahaha

elaine dale- I always bring my camera with me so every time I see funny english translations I grab my camera and take them as my souvenir hahaha

rachel- hahaha, I have to go back with my photo and figured out it was....bums! hahaha