Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo Shoot Out- Wild...Birds

Yipeee!!!! I was able to dig some photos for the Friday Shoot out- Wildlife, according to Patty we don't have to go to the jungle and chase for wild animals, thanks to Butler and Bagman to clarify this one :-) but actually I'm still confused if it's wild life or wild animals only hahaha, because mine is about "wild birds" LOL. Oh well...better have one than nothing hehehe (although I told Patty and Butler and Bagman that I won't be able to join them for today's shoot out... but here I am).

I have only ducks and swans to share with you. I hope it's ok :-), anyways here they are:

These swans migrate from Siberia to Misawa during winter season

Another shot, the first photo and above were taken in Ichou Park last December

This photo and the remaining pictures below were taken in Shimoda Swan Park last February, I have seen only 6 swans and the rest were ducks. I did blog about Shimoda Swan Park, click here for more photos.

The six swans among the hundreds of ducks, they were like one family

I'm not sure if this is the whooper or whistling swan (according from the information on the board there are 2 kinds of swan here, see last photo) I didn't hear them whistling or whooping hehehe

Ducks, click the last photo to check what kind of ducks are these, I can not tell

This board tells the different kinds of ducks and swans of Magitsutsumi, click the photo to see


GingerV said...

your photos are fine - really fine - I enjoyed them very much - I put a seperate blog entry for next week but here is your exact copy

“My town – the four (4,5, or 6) blocks of Main street’
The main four corners, the traffic / cars / people / street vendors / store fronts / alleys /trash bins…. of the main part of main street that are your town – that street name could be Maple or Washington or of course Main or just the main drag.
if you have questions email me...

J9 said...

I liked the second shot of the swans the best, and the orange feet on the ducks!

Papa and Mema said...

Hello, Your birds were beautiful. I especially enjoyed the ducks and swans swimming together. It is amazing how birds interact with one another. At our lakehouse a Mallard Duck hen was killed and her chicks were adopted and raised by a goose. Thanks for the nautical treat. Gordon (Friday Shoot-outs From Florida)

HalfCrazy said...

Yay glad you take those photos even if you're a day late lol! I love seeing your photos.

From Siberia to Misawa? Isn't that a long way off? These ducks travel a lot, then!

I really like the third photo! It's something out of National Geographic lol.

If they are a family, they are a BIG family! I remember I'm afraid to approach ducks; one of them attacked me non stop with their beak. That was a long time ago, though LOL.

Patty said...

I love your swans. You are the only person who photographed swans!

I like the mix of birds. Nice composition, too.

I wonder why we don't have swans in Crisfield?

The Pink Bird House said...

Hi, I think your photos were great! I love swans and can never see enough pictures of them. And what a fabulous thing, to be able to visit them in a swan park! I wish they had something like that here! One of my very first posts when I first started this blog was about swans I had seen at a lake in Holland. I think it is just great that you took part in the Friday Photo Shoot Out! It is getting bigger and bigger, thanks to Patty and Réggie girl, and we are all being delightfully entertained by the weekly photos. Take care, Debby

Missy said...

GingerV- thanks you liked my post for :-) I will definitely join this coming Friday's shootout.

J9- I didn't notice the other ducks' feet are orange hahaha

Papa and Mema- thanks for visitng my site, I just learned that one of the ducks here is called Mallard :-) your story about Mallard looks similar to ugly duckling story, that was cute hahaha

halfcrazy- I was wondering too how the swans travel from Siberia to here in Japan, is it just amazing, how they travel that far?

Patty- really you don't have swans in Crisfield? lucky we got some here hehehe

Debbie- I'm starting to like swans when I got here, there should have been more swans last month but I didn't have the chance to see them. I'll try it next year

HalfCrazy said...

Yeah, they endure the cold LOL. Wait, Siberia is almost always cold, right? Japan is, too! then why are they hibernating lol.

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Hi Sardonyx,
How are you? You're bit late and me too in making comments.. I still can't comment to other bloggers up to now.

Nice Swan you got there. Imagine migrating from one place to another..? Gee, they're much luckier.. they only got their feathers to carry..

See you again and take care always.

Joy said...

That's a lot of birds! Did you feed them?

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come back tomorrow!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

That's fine that you only had ducks and swans.....there are NO RULES and NO LIMITS and your pics are fantastic!!!
Your snaps are georgeous and we're so glad that you've joined us for Friday Shoot-Outs Missy :)
I too am glad that we didn't have to go into the jungle for pics....I was totally going to fake it, lol :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Garando said...

Lovely photos! They all look so peaceful.
When I was a boy, our neighbor had a couple of geese. Apparently these were hostile. I remember one of them attacking me, chased me all over the backyard and bit my shorts. Who needs guard dogs when you've got "guard geese"?