Monday, February 9, 2009

Shimoda Swan Park

During winter, swans from Siberia are migrating to Japan. Last Saturday we headed to Shimoda Swan Park to see the swans but only to find out there were only 5 of them and hundreds of ducks hehehe. You can still see some snow on the lake.

I think we have to go back here next month to see more swans :-)


Lei said...

Beautiful swans!!! =) AND DUCKS! :]

Ohhh... by the way, the "watermark" or the signature blends in too much with the water... You should use Photoshop! I can teach you po. =)

Joy said...

Swans in the UK are protected by the Queen :D But I've never really seen as many as that in one place. It's very 'aaaawwww'.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo. Come back tomorrow!


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Sardonyx said...

Lei- thanks for dropping by....go back now to your homework hahaha

Joy- I will visit you everyday hehehe and maybe next month swans will be doubled or tripled. I hope we can come back there.

Garando said...

I found the first photo very amusing. It's as if for once, yung Swan ang naging "ugly duckling (a.k.a. odd man out)" kase this time around it was surrounded by ducks. :D