Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lake Towada Snow Festival at Night

Here are another batch of photos from the snow festival. I'm not good in night photography sorry if they didn't turn well. Any tips on night photography are very much appreciated :-)


Joy said...

How pretty! I love how the light makes everything romantic.

Re the garlic: £5 is $.728. Ang mahal ng French pink garlic, ano? :D

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Missy said...

Yeah I think it's mahal nga compared here :-), but the thing is...it's pink hahaha

Reena said...

Hi Missy!! tnx for dropping by my blog.

How's Japan? Hanggang airport lang ako jan eh. Pero naligo ako sa airport nila! Hehe.

i don't have any knowledge in photography, so i may not be able to help you with your night shots. :) Sabi nila, practice makes perfect...

see you again soon.

i am nobe. said...

wow galing!



Dennis Villegas said...

Wow those are some awesome artworks! Galing ng mga pictures!

Garando said...

OMG!! I envy you! I was just watching the snow festival and ice sculptures in NHK the other day.

Some tips with night shots (but I'm no expert):

If no flash, increase your ISO sensitivity (up to 1000-1600 range). Then watch your light meter closely and adjust your speed to get the right amount of light in the photo. When you start seeing some noise on the photo, check if your camera has high ISO noise-reduction. Switch it on.

If you use flash, use normal ISO sensitivity then drop the speed so background doesn't get too dark. I usually drop the speed down to 20 or 25.

Missy said...

Thanks to all who have commented on this blog:

Reena-it's still snowing here and I'm still enjoying it :-) Di ko alam pwede palang maligo sa airport? hehehe akala ko sa movie lang ni Tom Hanks yun (The terminal)hahaha

nobe- thanks sa comment

dennis- salamat sa comment, next time gagalingan ko pa

Garando- thanks for the photography tips, I really appreciate your C&C hehehe, next time I'll follow your suggestions