Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tokyo DisneySea (AquaSphere and Mt. Prometheus)

Tokyo DisneySea AquaSphere

AquaSphere with Disney Characters

Mt. Prometheus behind Arabian Coast

Another View of Mt. Prometheus

Close-up View of Mt. Prometheus and Arabian Coast

Tokyo DisneySea's Mt. Prometheus Volcano

Close-up view of the fruit stand (fake fruits hehehe) overlooking Mt. Prometheus

Mt. Prometheus at Night

DisneySea AquaSphere at Night


Two prominent symbols of DisneySea are the AquaSphere it is a water fountain with a large model of the earth in the entrance plaza and Mount Prometheus, the gigantic volcano located in the center of the park.


Reena said...

wow, ganda! kala ko totoong bundok yun eh...ay wait, totoong bundok ba yun? hehe...

Joy said...

It is lovelier at night! I enjoyed the fake fruits :)

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dailyphotographer said...

I love you aquasphere shot with the disney characters, it's so blue, i love the colors.:D

Missy said...

Reena- hindi totoong bundok yun gawa lang nila hehehe pero parang totoo nga kasi umuusok pa

Joy- I know mas maganda sana sa gabi kaso I'm not good at night shots hehehe

dailyphotographer- thanks for dropping by, I like the aquasphere too so blue, too bad I wasn't able to take the front view a lot of people were in line just to take their photos :-)