Thursday, February 19, 2009

Roppongi Hills at Night, Tokyo Japan

Tully's Coffee in Front of Roppongi Hills North Tower

Mori Art Museum at Mori Tower

A 10m giant spider

Roppongi Hills is located in Roppongi district in Tokyo, Japan. We arrived in Hardy Barracks last Sunday, Feb. 15 after an hour and a half drive from Yokota. After we checked- in we walked around Roppongi area and up to Tokyo Tower.

I took the pictures above after we came from Tokyo Tower.

Directions from New Sanno Hotel (this is for military tourists only who are staying in New Sanno):

1. Go to Hiro-o subway station, track #2 on the Hibiya Line (H-03), please ask the information desk on how to get to Hiro-o station, it's probably a 10 minute walk from the hotel
2. Get off Roppongi Hills, just one stop from Hiro-o (H04)
3. Exit 1-C


Garando said...

Fantastic night shots! I miss Tokyo tuloy... so how long are you ladies staying there?

2L3Bs World said...

Nice shots. I would love to explore Tokyo when I get the chance. Tahnks for sharing..!

Sardonyx said...

Hi Garando- thanks for dropping by. Actually I'm with my family hehehe and we're back here in Misawa last Friday night; maybe you got confused with sardonyx and missy's username...ako lang po yun hehehe di ko lang alam how to make it one username with different blogs hahaha

2L3Bs- thanks for visiting my blog and if you get a chance yeah try to explore Tokyo

2L3Bs World said...

hello missy, yes we will.. and while we're busy here, we'll try to enjoy the sights of Japan through your blog.. Thanks for sharing.