Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tokyo Disney Resort Trains

Disney Resort Train- fare ¥250 one way

Disney Resort Train Station

Inside the Disney Train, mickey mouse shaped-window overlooking Disneyland


Feb. 17, 2009 our third day in Tokyo- we went to DisneySea. It is located in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan which is just right outside the city of Tokyo.

According to wikipedia, Tokyo DisneySea was the second theme park to open at the Tokyo Disney Resort and the ninth park of the eleven worldwide Disney theme parks to open. Tokyo DisneySea is also the most expensive theme park ever built, estimated to have cost over U.S. $4 billion. This was opened Sept. 4, 2001.

Tokyo Disney Resort is celebrating its 25th anniversary for an entire year.

From New Sanno Hotel where we stayed, we took the subway train going to Disney Sea.

Directions from New Sanno Hotel:

1. Take Hibiya Line from Hiro-o (H-03) station, track #2 to Hatchobori (H-11), 8 stops. Fare:
-->¥190 2. Transfer to JR Keiyo Line (track#1) to Maihama Station (5 stops). Fare:
Approximately 1 hour

Disney Train Fare:
I thought after getting off from the JR line we are ready to pay for the tickets, but nope we have to take the Disney train to Disney Sea so it's another fare,
-->¥250 one way only. The fare here is expensive than Hibiya Line and JR Line whoaaa!!!!
From Disney Resort Station to DisneySea is 3 stops but going back is only 1 stop.

I will be posting more pictures of DisneySea on my next blog.


Garando said...

thanks for sharing the photos, very nostalgic. Looking forward to more of Disney Sea!

Joy said...

How lovely! Love the colours. Looks like a really great place to visit.

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Missy said...

Garando and Joy- Thanks for your visit

I will surely post more pictures of DisneySea

2L3Bs World said...

Thanks for bringing us there Missy.. Have a lovely time in Japan. Good day to you..

Missy said...

To 2L2Bs thanks for dropping by, I enjoy reading your blog so inspiring

Anonymous said...


I am also planning on staying at the new sanno in tokyo next week. Can you tell me what else is close to that hotel? Tokyo is HUGE and I don't know if I want to stay at the sanno the entire vacation if there are other hotels closer to popular sites / attractions :)

Thanks !