Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lake Towada Snow Festival

Lake Towada Snow Festival is from January 30th to Feb 22nd 2009, from 3:00pm to 9pm. Last Saturday we headed to Lake Towada; this was my second time to see Lake Towada. My first time was when we just got here in Japan and that was July, summer of 2008.

It was snowing in Misawa when we left and even in Lake Towada, a little bit of slippery but we survived although it took us 2 hours to get there. Our first time to drive (the first time we just rode on our friend's van) we just followed the driving directions I got from the internet. And it was very helpful (unlike the directions given by ITT from Misawa base, it sucks shhhh hahaha). It seems that every weekend is snowing here in Misawa but this will not hinder us from going somewhere to see and explore Japan.

We missed the fireworks and the performance of the bands. The performace starts at 7pm and fireworks at 8pm. My husband is still not familiar on the winding road of Lake Towada so we decided to leave early around 6pm.

The second picture is the center stage, where the bands perform. I took this picture coz I was amazed of the snow bike hehehe, pretty cool huh. I don't know how Japanese call this kind of bike.

On their brochure the name of this festival is "Snow and Light Fantavista" these are the only english words I can read from it :-) but still I named my title "Lake Towada Snow Festival" pretty simple and clear :-)

I will post more ice sculptures and igloos from this festival tomorrow.


Joy said...

A snow festival! How fantastic. We've just received severe weather warning and it's due to snow 10cm! Woo hoo! :D

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Anonymous said...

A reminder to me of the snow and ice sculptures in Sapporo Japan. Nice photos and interesting post.

Thanks for taking a look at my hawk painting.

Missy said...

Joy, thanks for dropping by I will visit your site more often now :-)

Abraham, I wish I could visit Sapporo, I think this Lake Towada snow festival is incomparable to the ice sculptures in Sapporo :-) thanks for dropping by too