Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

It is an observation tower, 333m (1,091 ft), it is the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world and the tallest artificial structure in Japan. Its structure is an Eifell Tower-inspired.


Our trip to Tokyo was just a quick plan. Last week we tried to reserve a hotel room to New Sanno Hotel and fortunately we got the spot from Feb. 16 to 20. By the way, New Sanno Hotel is located in the heart of Tokyo and this is regulated and controlled by SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement). This hotel is exclusively for active duty and retired US military personnel, DoD (Department of Defense) civilian and employees and contractors station in Japan, US embassy Tokyo personnel and individuals attached to US Embassy Tokyo.

Anyways, we decided to leave early even in the weekend so we can have plenty of time in Tokyo and it's a three day weekend for Americans (President's Day). We still lucky to find available room in other military hotels. Last Saturday we stayed in Yokota Billeting, this is an Air Force lodge ( approximately 2 hour drive to Tokyo) while Sunday we stayed in Hardy Barrackes (run by US Army) one block away from New Sanno.

It's a little bit tiring adventure since we have to move 3 places in 3 days, that's how we use our privilige as US military and to squeeze in our budget hahaha.

Here's the brief info of my travelog from Sat, Feb. 14 to Feb. 16:

Feb.14- We left around 11am in Misawa and arrived Yokota 8:40pm with 3 stops. We spent 1 hour in Morioka and ate lunch. It was jam packed around 7pm in Fussa area that's after we exit Tohoku Expressway. We ate dinner in Burger King on Yokota Air Base, ohh we even forgot it's Valentine's Day hmmm that's ok we don't celebrate that anyway hehehe. Everyday is Valentine's Day for us hahaha

Feb. 15-

Our first day in Tokyo, Feb 15- From Hardy Barrakcs we walked around Roppongi area and by 6pm we were in Tokyo Tower. As we walked back in our hotel we were curious in Roppongi Hills we went inside and decided to eat dinner in a Thai Restaurant.

Feb. 16

We went to Akihabara, electrical town. A lot of "high tech" electronics wooo my favorite!!!

Feb. 17

We went to Disney Sea. I saw Ariel hehehe.

Feb. 18-

No itinerary yet, my husband is still sleeping while I'm writing this blog, 8:50am to be exact). We're so tired yesterday.

The above pictures are the tokyo tower shots, sorry I didn't have time to fix those photos. I will soon post more pictures of our trip.

Come back and see you soon.


Garando said...

Never got past halfway the Tokyo Tower, it was too expensive to go all the way to the top. When I looked out to see the skyline I realized that Roppongi Hills was as high as where I was standing. I should've went there instead, I would've gotten the same view for free. LOL! :)

Sardonyx said...

You know when I saw your post (while we're still in Tokyo) we went again to Roppongi Hills to try the sky deck and it's not free anymore. It has an admission fee of 1500 yen a little bit expensive compared to Tokyo Tower which is only 1420 yen (820-main observatory + 600 top deck)....so we didn't try it, since we already went to Tokyo Tower to see the view hehehe.

Garando said...

Ay ganun? Sayang... Didn't know they charge for it already. Maybe everybody was thinking the same thing kase. :D
Sorry for wasting your time with that.

Missy said...

Garando- that's ok at least we were able to see the shrine close to Tokyo Tower but I should have tried going to Roppongi's sky deck to see Tokyo in day time oh well I guess I have to go back in Tokyo hahaha