Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cheese Roll House

Cheese Roll House

Inside the restaurant- look at the spelling..... "handemade"

Collection of Plate Numbers from different states

More plate numbers! Find your state here :-)

Crunchy Cheese Roll

Miso Ramen

One of the restaurants around Misawa which I tried was the Cheese Roll House. Their specialty of course...cheese roll, cheese wrapped in wonton wrappers....hmmm yummy! They also have yakisoba, ramen (shoyu or miso), grilled beed donburi and gyoza (my kids favorite!).

I noticed inside that small restaurant was their unique wall, full of vehicle's plate numbers, I would think that the owner collects plate numbers of each state (US). Some have dedications from the vehicle's owner. I should have brought my California and Hawaii plate numbers in the restaurant and give them to the owner :-)


Patty said...

Love the the tags but I really love that cheese roll.

Nice post, Missy. always enjoy your photos.

HalfCrazy said...

Handemade. Baka naman Japanese word rin yan LOL.

Looks like the owner of the shop purchased those plates or he really traveled to those states! Or maybe he stole them from old cars LOL.

Now I want some Cheese Roll, not a lot of people sell those in here. Dati kasi patok lol.

Garando said...

The Japanese are cheese experts! They are willing to add cheese on anything. I had cheese in my tonkatsu once, and it was awesome!
I like "handemade"... sounds so Italian. "It wasa handemade by da besta in Italia!"

bertN said...

Even here in California, I find a lot of mispelled words displayed in restos, shops, etc.LOL.

syel said...

i suddenly missed the cheese rolls way back in college. tapos dip mo din sa cheeze whiz! yumyum! :D

Reena said...

i like cheese rolls din. i want yung puno tlaga ng cheese! hehe..

don't give them your plates. if i were you, build your own cheese rollhouse tapos display mo din yung car plates niyo. hehehe

gaya-gaya diba? pero yung sa yo pancit canton naman.

Butler and Bagman said...

Ah, cheese roll...yes, I think I'll try some. And I want to go to Japan to do it!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

The cheese rolls made my mouth waters.. No cheese rolls here in China. :(

Joy said...

Aaah, cheese roll like a spring roll! I thought they meant the thing I like - sugar coated bread with cheese in the middle. Nice one.

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Missy said...

Patty- Thanks for dropping by, me too I love cheese roll :-)

Halfcrazy- hehehe nope, handemade is not a japanese word; the owner can not purchase those plates those are used ones, I think those are from US military members who're stationed here in Misawa since their US plates can't be used here.

Garando- I haven't tried tonkatsu yet hmmm lemme try that one hehehe, hahaha handemade sounds Italian huh

bertN- spelling is worse here :-)

syel- you should try making one cheeseroll then

Reena- hahaha pancit canton, ok yun ah. I have only 2 plates, it's hard to expensive hahaha

butler and bagman- hahaha that's so expensive to try cheese roll :-)

Ate Loids- no cheese roll in China?? that's weird, hmm you should try one at home then

Joy- hmmm your cheese roll version looks yummy too :-)

The Pink Bird House said...

Hi, I found your blog through Patty's followers over at Crisfield, Maryland blog, and thought I would click on your picture. So glad that I did! I am fascinated by the Japanese culture, so i very much like seeing all your pictures from Japan. I look forward to seeing more while you are stationed there. Take care, Debby

Missy said...

Hi Debbie thanks for dropping by my site. I would love sharing all my travels with you here in Japan :-)