Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nagawa Cheririn Village

Camping Ground

Tower with 3 dragons

Dragon Tower's entrance- the small hole in the middle of its mouth is the starting point and need to crawl up to the tower

Another shot of the dragon tower

Mini store inside the village

We spotted a cute car, my son is even taller than the car :-)

It was gloomy last Saturday when we headed to Nagawa Cheririn Village. It has camp sites with playgrounds and dragon tower for kids to enjoy their stay here. There were only few people I saw there and maybe it's not the season yet to play, hike and even camp. Well, we're supposed to find the strawberry picking place but we ended going here instead :-)

Amenities: (all have charges except #3 nature trail)

1. Camp sites:
a. cabins
b. tree-shaped huts
c. bungalow
d. tent site

2. Biking Trail
3. Nature Trail
4. Playground
5. Dragon Tower
6. Tennis Court

* Note for those who live in Misawa: We found the driving directions from ITT (Information, Tickets and Travels) Misawa Air Base but got lost, the last part of the directions is you have to follow the map but it has no street names in english nor even landmarks....so I can't remember now how to get there :-). It's about an hour and a half drive from Misawa AB. Good luck!


thingswelovetohate.com said...

that Dragon Tower looks amazing. I'm probably too old for it but I want to know what's up there.

The Pink Bird House said...

I was so interested in reading your post because I own a campground here in Germany, and it was fantastic for me to see one there in Japan, and what they have to offer. I just love that Dragon Tower. I would love to build one here on our campground, we would be the most popular one in this area then!! ciao, debby

Joy said...

I love that first photo! It's such a cute landscape.

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Missy said...

thingswelovetohate- it's too scary for me to try that dragon tower :-)

debby- yes, try to build similar to dragon tower, that would be awesome and the kids will enjoy it!

Joy- yes it's a cute landscape although it was gloomy that day

Garando said...

Wow, nice place. The dragon tower is interesting, but I hope it's safe for the kids. Parang ang complicated nung tower eh.

caryn said...

this is really cute! a really cool campsite for kids ;-)

Missy said...

garando- yeah it really looks complicated, the tunnel or hole is so small :-)

caryn- yes cool and colorful campsite