Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Shootout- WATER

Friday Shootout is WATER.

Once again here's the brief overview of Misawa:

The City of Misawa is located near the northeast tip of the Japanese main island of Honshu in Aomori Prefecture. It is a town with a population of about 44,000, in which the Pacific Ocean lies to its east, picturesque Lake Ogawara to the west.

That means we have plenty of water too! Browse and enjoy my photos.

Rice fields filled with water in front of our house, after sunset

Another shot

Rice fields, the farmers are starting to plant the rice (by machine)


Last Monday, Memorial holiday in US [yes, we had our holiday too even we're in Japan, we are still Americans anyway who happened to live in Japan hehehe], we got a lot of oysters from a river that I forgot the name :-) .....[again hehehe]. I need to ask my friend what's the name of this river and we need to come back here to get more oysters.

A man was fishing

Oysters in the bottom of water

A rock full of oysters and the background of course is water....where we got this rock :-)

A bucket filled with oysters and of course we put some cold "water"

part of the river, shallow one

My son looking for some clams, the water was very cold

My son and his friend looking for clams and crabs

A drive-by shot after digging some oysters from this river

Some boats as I spotted while we're driving back home from the river


Misawa Beach - part of Lake Ogawara which is located on base. I just had my blog about Misawa beach and some some of the photos are here again.


Misawa beach during afternoon

walking along the beach


Domo Arigato! Thank you very much!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tonami Clan Memorial Tourist Village

The green roof building is the visitor's center

play ground

I think this is the go-cart road

Can I help you?


We missed the pony ride :-(

Click this guide map and you will see the outdoor activities they offer


Tonami Clan Memorial Tourist Village is a huge park in Misawa which offers a lot of outdoor activities for kids. There are pony rides, go-carts, putting golf, car battery rides and mini petting zoo; there is also a museum near the entrance of this park.

We were here last Saturday unfortunately all rides were closed, it rained that morning and the facilities were wet only the visitor's center was open. That day was really gloomy but we tried to go somewhere for this 3 day weekend.

Inside the center they have souvenirs, vegetables and even crabs. We ended up buying 10 crabs for 1000 yen ~$10.

We will come back here again if the sun shows up. "Rain, rain go away come again another day...."

Entrance fee- free
Monday- close

9am to 7pm (April to October)
9am to 6pm (November to March)

Kids' ride- 100yen
Adult- 200 yen

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Friday Shootouts: Paint The Town RED

Once again, I'm joining the gang for the Friday Shootouts- "Paint the Town Red" picked by Gordon from Florida.

Let me walk you through my photos to see how red Misawa, Japan is.......enjoy.

Red small car with red sign board

Red Airplane Display at Misawa Aviation and Science Museum

Red storage house in the middle of the Misawa Aviation and Science Museum open field

Homac sign- Home Amenity Center, it's like a home depot in the US

These are not match box nor hot wheels trucks, these are real trucks

Shinto Shrine Gate or "Torii" in Japanese

Red octopus (tako) barbecue


Coca Cola vending machine outside Shin Ryu ramen house

Hair salon

Ice Cream stand

Yokomachi grocery store

Red tractor

Red trees, I have no idea what's the name of these trees

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Misawa Base Beach

Playground along the side of the beach

a tree :-)

my son, throwing stone on the water

my son, running :-)



Misawa Base Beach is located inside the Misawa Air Base, north area. The beach is part of Lake Ogawara. I still miss Hawaii :-'(


Monday, May 18, 2009

Hachinohe Children's Land

Ferris wheel and other rides :-)


bike ride

Go Cart

Find the monkeys :-)

Here they are! There is also a small petting zoo aside from these monkeys but we were late already when we got here and didn't get the chance to see the other animals.


I ran out of camera battery so these 2 shots below were taken from my cellphone and these were not that clear compared to the above photos....but still I like my cell cam for backups :-)


Statue of (???) I don't know the name hahaha

This is my second time to feature Hachinohe Children's Land on my blog, last time was fall and it's a bit cloudy. Lucky it was a nice warm weather when we got here last week.

Hachinohe Children's Land is a 30 to 40 minute drive from Misawa.

Entrance is free

ticket price per ride:

kids- 100 yen or ~$1
adult- 200 yen or ~$2

parking: free


Directions: I forgot hahaha