Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Fall!!!

The leaves are turning into orange and red colors now, what more can I say.....it's really fall season now!!! These pictures were taken in Shimoda Park last Sunday, Nov. 9. Finally we found the Shimoda Park, we just followed the sign when we passed the sign along route 45 going to Shimoda Mall and I asked my husband to check this park and see what's in there. The kids enjoyed the playground and I enjoyed the view and scenery. So more pictures coming on this blog which were taken from Shimoda Park.

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Kala said...

This is very beautiful and colorful - definitely much more fall like than I will ever experience, but I guess spending time at the beach and watch beautiful big ocean blue waves roll in ain't so bad either but gosh, Japan is also very kewl. OK, I hafta go bask in the sun now =D