Monday, November 10, 2008

KFC in Hachinohe

I saw 2 KFC in Hachinohe one is along route 45 before Sega World (the first picture)and the other one is when you make a right turn on the intersection of Sega World and maybe few kilometers more from that intersection (2nd and 3rd picture). The latter one was the one we went to after we came from Tanesashi Seaside. There was no mashed potatoes which is my son's favorite, so he was kind of disappointed. So when you order fried chicken it's only fried chicken and the side order I think is corn or coleslaw and each order is too expensive when you compare the price from the US. And they even give you one napkin for each person. This is I notice here in Misawa or Hachinohe (and I'm not sure if it's all over Japan) they are just giving out one napkin (small one) to each person and sometimes none.....grrrrr same with ketchup grrrrrr too (what's wrong with them???). And now I have to bring my own napkins and ketchup coz my kids love ketchup. So make sure you bring yours too when you go to Japan.

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