Monday, November 24, 2008

Misawa Beach

This is Misawa Beach taken from Los Guerreros Restaurant on base, the lake is the Lake Ogawara. Yesterday the sun did show up but still a little bit windy outside with a temperature of 6 dec C as it showed up on my GPS, no more snow; and by the way that's one of the things I understand on my GPS, temperature and the other one is the compass. My husband was trying to fix the GPS and ended up messing it up and the worst thing is..... the map is not showing up anymore. Although I don't understand the kanji nor katakana nor any Japanese writing at least I understand the route number or the highway number where it can help us locate where we at......but now it's gone :-(
I should have taken picture of my GPS hmmm good idea, oh well that's it for now.

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