Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sign- "Menu du Jour"

I took this picture while waiting for my order, Seafood Miso Ramen. I was laughing reading the sign' "please help yourself to the water" and I didn't notice that the notes were written in the shape of a cow until I viewed this picture. What do you think are the right words on this sign?


Kala said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

I hope you get to visit Hawaii again

I think the sign is supposed to read, "Please help yourself to some water"

??? lol funny I don't know - I've heard about this kinda of "Japlish" i think is what my friends called it when they taught English in Japan thru the JET program

Are you an american teaching in japan?

Missy said...

Thanks for answering my question :-)

I'm a military spouse and I hope to visit Hawaii...soon :-)