Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Snow Fall- Nov. 19, 2008

Oh my first snow in Japan!!! My kids were very excited this morning when they woke up and they saw the snow they even took pictures with snow falling as the background lol. The base has a snow fall contest whoever can guess the first snow fall will win a snow blower. My guess is Nov. 29 so I lost :-) that's ok


Kala said...

Missy, that is a lovely sequence of shots! I wish our winters would change in such dramatic ways - it is a little cooler now with a little more rain but I wish I could trade the weather for snow for a day - for just ONE day - I hope it comes!

Missy said...

Kala, I'm just excited for the first snow here in Japan maybe in few more weeks I would be wishing that I should have just stayed in Hawaii :-) and enjoy the nice weather there in December.

Anonymous said...

For as long as I was in Sendai and that area I can only remember one big snowfall and that didn't last long or stay long. I don't remember anyone having to shovel out a car or to shovel out a path to walk. It was nice though to stay in bed when it was snowing and not hear the reville. But that was way back in 1953-9156.