Saturday, November 22, 2008

Raddish for sale

I always go to this vegetable store to buy cheaper vegetables like carrots, raddish, cucumber, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes, etc. but until now I don't know what the name of this store is (????) ; I just call it "vegetable store" or the company parking store hahaha lol. It says on their sign board (first picture) "only company parking" but actually customers can park on their parking lot, right in front of the store.

I was surprised when they are selling this 1 bundle of raddish for 100 yen I think it has 8 raddish in it, so it's like $1, sooooo cheap. Maybe I should start looking for a raddish recipe so I can buy this bunch of raddish just for a 100 yen. I know Japanese and Korean they are making kimchee out of raddish. Hmmm maybe I should try raddish kimchee too.

By the way, aside from vegetables they are also selling, fruits and some dried fish, canned goods and snack food.

  • Directions from Misawa AB's main gate:
  1. From the main gate make a left
  2. Make a quick right turn on the first block
  3. Right after the first intersection ,you will see on your right side the sign "Only company parking"
  4. You can park on their parking lot, never mind the sign hehehe


I guess the meaning of their sign "Only company parking" is "for customers parking only" hahaha I just figured out today while writing this blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog and commenting about my bird (hawk). I have been living here for 46 years and began back then to make wildlife welcome here. Still do. So we or I get a lot of birds of all kinds coming and going. I just happen to be able to take a lot of photos of them. I studied birds or as an amateur studied them. I just wish I had taken photographs of birds when I was in Japan in 1953-1956 when color film first came out.

I was interested in your buying radishes on the open Japanese market.

When we were there we were warned about buying anything homegrown because of the practice then of fertilizing everything with human feces.

And we were not supposed to buy anything to eat in local restaurants for the same reason.

And no drinking local water for the same reason. I know the trains were still dumping human waste on the tracks as late as 1985 and I don't think that is permitted nowadays.

Radishes back then were huge. About as big around as your arm and we heard it was because of the use of feces on the fields. The old "Honey Bucket" wagons used to ply the streets and stopped everywhere to fill up their unique barrels with the ingredients found in toilets in the homes.

The Yen back then was traded for 360 Yen for 1 US Dollar.

Missy said...

Hi Abraham, thanks for your comments and I really appreciate you for stopping by. Wooooho 1953 it's been 55 yrs ago, I guess you were 19 back then. Did you retire from military or did you quit after stationed in Misawa :-)

I think now, it's ok to buy from the local markets since we got their information from the base. Base is the one suggesting to try all those local markets off base, they even have the list. And there are few selection of vegetables and fruits from the commissary.

Also, commissary is selling Japanese mineral water for a cheaper price, I guess now it's safe to buy from off base.