Sunday, November 16, 2008

Shimoda Salmon Festival

Last Saturday, Nov. 15 we went to Salmon festival in Oirase or the Shimoda Salmon Festival. We didn't catch the salmon but we just watched the people who were catching live salmon by their bare hands in an 8 inch deep pool. It's fun even we just watched them and they even have the salmon race (second picture) where they use stick to nudge the salmon to swim to the opposite end.
Entrance is free but if you want to catch a salmon you have to pay 1200 yen when you buy from ITT or from Shimoda mall it's only 1000 yen. Boots and gloves set for rent for 200 yen and fish cleaning is 300 yen.
This is our first salmon festival experience here in Japan. We also enjoyed the festival by eating some snacks from the food stalls :-)

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